söndag 13 maj 2012

My Skin...

My husband made me the hppiest girl in the world today!
He sent me a song that basiclly is a story about ME!
When i heard it i burst into tears, my sisters the same!
He is truelly THE ONE! <3
I Love You Christian Carlsson with all my hearth and more that the world can offer!!
A song about my life...

A good day today! :) Tho i got garlic in my mouth! NOT COOL!! Hate it!! Thanks anyway ;)

The crochet Monkey in pink is soon done :D Gonna be lovely!
A green one is comming aswell! :)

My pink cardigan is finally gonna be finished! :D Bought the last yarn today!
So this one in lovely pink!

Well off too bed and have a night movie :)

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